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Overflow :: THURSDAYS :: 9 pm :: Mudd MPR ::  Our weekly event features hanging out, having fun, and hearing a short talk from the Bible. 

Small Group Bible Studies :: There are small groups gathering all over campus! We believe the Bible has relevancy to our lives today as college students and love discussing it together. Click on and submit the form online if you'd like to ask a question about small groups or join one. Contact us via email with any other questions.

[[You can join the O-Flow Google Group to get information about other things Overflow is doing (like IM sports, game or movie nights...etc.) Have a specific question? Contact a leader by email or phone (217) 663-6938.]]

Who We Are:

Overflow is an inter-denominational Christian student organization at Washington University in St. Louis. We have been an extension of Cru (a national organization) at Wash U for over 15 years. Our hope is that no matter where you are in your spiritual journey, you can take your next step with God in the context of Cru. Here’s what we’re all about:

We want to have fun! College is a blast, so we’re big on doing stuff together—whether you’re into bustin’ moves on the dance floor, eating good food with fun people, taking road trips to Florida and Colorado, hanging out in the city, or just chilling at someone’s house—come hang out with us!

At Overflow, we think life is done best when it’s done in the context of community. It seems like our natural tendency in relationships is to hide and manage our image in front of other people. This totally kills authenticity. We want to be people who, because we’ve experienced the love of Jesus so deeply, can move into deep, authentic relationships with others.

Most importantly, we believe that God can be known in the person of Jesus, and that Jesus has made it possible for us to know God in a personal way. We think that Jesus can be known as we look at what the Bible has to say about him. So, whether you’ve been following Jesus for awhile, or you’re still asking questions about who he is, we want to provide a context for you to deepen your walk with him, grow in your ability to communicate your faith to other people, or investigate the claims of this man who’s changed our lives.

Here are what some of the students are saying:

"Until I got involved in Overflow, I really had no idea what Christian community was all about. I had never experienced the complete acceptance and sense of belonging that came with simply being a part of this group. I now have a network of friends that I can turn to with my problems, or to just hang out with in a positive environment. Being surrounded with loving, Christian peers has been nothing short of life changing. Oh, and they usually have free food..."

"I am encouraged to see other Christians around me who are so passionate about Christ and challenged to fully dedicate my life to God on a daily basis."